When anyone says Business Process, it brings to mind huge flowcharts and complex processes and humongous systems. So, this is an article to introduce the concept of BPMN: Business Process Management Tools.

What is a Business Process?

A business process in its most simple form is a sequence of steps that are executed to attain a certain goal that is important for your business. It could be as simple as uploading daily reports to a server and as complex as filling out a form, processing it, saving the data and sending a confirmation email to recipients. …

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DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology is the buzzword these days. The power of decentralized transactions and storage is a phenomenal concept which will benefit the world in many ways. That is a separate topic for discussion though :)

As with any technology that is enterprise ready and for adoption into production, some important questions that come up —

What is the performance ? How does it scale ? How much load can it handle?

Now these questions are difficult enough for traditional systems, but in the context of DLTs or Blockchains they become even more complex to answer.

Some of…

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) is a buzzword these days. Setting up a CI/CD pipeline seems to be a part of every project plan and life cycle management. This is a very good practice. It reduces integration time and makes the the application time to market shorter and faster.

But the question is does Performance Testing fit in the puzzle for developing fast to deploy, high performing application pipelines? The answer is yes and no.

To understand the answer to this question, lets first analyze when should performance testing be executed. Performance testing must be planned from the application…

Anyone who does programming, would agree that the switch case construct is a very useful one , irrespective of the language. It is very convenient, easy to read and understand.

But, did you know it is also a bad performing construct? Especially if it is going to be executed multiple times or in a loop. The best case will be the first match. The worst case will be for the case which is matched at the last condition.

The time complexity will be (number of cases)^number of times the loop is executed. …

Everyone is talking about it. Everyone wants to know it. Everyone whats to do it. Everyone wants faster apps, faster responses, faster downloads. But the question is how does one get started with performance testing an application in the first place. This article is a place where all the basics are in one place.
This is not one of those in depth articles which confuses you all over the place. It is a hands on guide to how to start the whole process.
Hope you find it useful.

Requirement Document
This is probably one of the most important documents…

Deepti Nagarkar

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